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There are countless bodybuilding books on the market and some are full of useless incorrect outdated information and some are packed full of very useable info that could be vital for your success. The only way to separate the good from the bad is to separate them into categories.

The first section is without a doubt the most important piece of the puzzle because without correct training you will be guaranteed not to put on any muscle. The best in a wide range of options is The Body Sculpting Bible for Men by Hugo A. Rivera, James Villepigue.

It is a complete guide for men who seek the perfect physique. Men everywhere seek the winning recipe for the ideal body, just the right amount of muscle tone, washboard abs, a chiseled chest, big guns, big and broad shoulders and tight buns.

The next book revolves round the second most important aspect of gaining muscle and that is the food that you eat. A simple to understand book called Muscle Building Nutrition by: Will Brink is something that comes highly recommended.

Get the FACTS on exactly how, what & when to eat to achieve maximum lean muscle gains with minimum body-fat in record time, & discover precisely which muscle building supplements you need to be using to achieve those goals.

The next section is the specifics that you might be interested in to get the perfect set of abs called the ABSolution by Shawn Phillips, Foreword by Bill Phillips. ABSolution is not a quick-fix, nor is it a "simple and easy" way to get in great shape. It's an effective, scientifically safe and sound approach.

Another bodybuilding book that gets to the bottom of the facts on how get rid of body-fat and the book is called Burn The Fat by the famous Tom Venuto a lifetime-natural bodybuilder, personal trainer, nutritionist and success coach from New Jersey teaches you how to turbo-charge your metabolism, gain muscle, burn off body fat and develop unstoppable motivation ... Guaranteed! Discover how he's taught thousands of people to get leaner faster than they ever thought possible!

Something off the well beaten track of bodybuilding books is a great book called Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigin, J.D and explains why conventional diet and training methods are wrong, wrong, wrong - and it shows you how you can radically accelerate fat loss and muscle growth by harnessing the most powerful biological force in the universe - your own hormones.

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