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Good Meals for Bodybuilders

You do not need any convincing to know that in order to get the results from your hard high intensity workouts you need to eat correctly. So this article is going to briefly give you some great tips on how to get your bodybuilding meals done easily and with more variety and taste than ever before.

This only requires shopping and cooking about twice a week, then refrigerate or freeze the remaining food to last through the work week. In the morning, prepare these quick meals and take them in your cooler for a full day's supply of muscle-building protein and complex carbohydrates.

The best way to get prepared is to get you food basics cooked in advance. These would be cooked skinless chicken breast, cooked brown rice, boiled eggs, cooked pasta. The next on the very short list is the foods that do not need any preparation or cooking. Here is a brief list: Canned salmon/chicken/tuna, Lean deli meat (turkey, chicken breast, roast beef), Canned vegetables (corn, green beans, chickpeas, red and white beans, crushed tomatoes), Fresh fruit (bananas, apples, pears, strawberries), Canned fruit (in its own juice), Low-fat cheese sticks, Low-fat, low-sugar yogurt (such as Light-n-Fit Carb Control), Low-fat cottage cheese, 100% whole wheat bread and/or whole wheat tortillas, Quick cook oats (or oatmeal packets), Nuts (peanuts, soy nuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans), Nut Butters (peanut butter, almond butter, macadamia nut butter, soy nut butter).

With the ingredients listed above there are countless and very creative and tasty meals that you can prepare in advance for your day. Just a few are Grilled Chicken Wrap, Chicken, Rice & Beans, Salmon Burgers, Egg Salad Sandwich, Tuna Casserole.

Even with these fast meals, there will be times when you find yourself stuck without anything to eat. A good solution is to keep a stash of food in your desk at work and in your car or purse.

Your "food stash" can consist of any of the following items:

Pouch tuna
Protein bars
RTD shakes
Canned fruit in its own juice
Oatmeal packets
Precooked pouch rice
Peanut butter
Rice cakes or corn thins
Whole wheat crackers
Canned chicken/tuna with "pop top"
Dried fruit

Also, keep diet-friendly condiments in small packets, such as mustard, low fat or nonfat salad dressings/mayo, ketchup, and black pepper.

Diet plays a major role in meeting your bodybuilding goals, whether you are in a leaning out phase or a gaining phase. Use these quick meals and tips to ensure you are never left missing a meal, and missing a chance to feed your growing muscles with the protein and carbs they need!

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